Showcase Miniatures (USA) Pacific Electric Hollywood Streetcar

Introduced: 2017

Here's what Showcase Miniatures has to say about these -

This kit is loosely modeled from the actual prototype and got its inspiration from a 1988 film about a framed rabbit... This shell kit is designed to fit the Kato power units 11-105, 11-106 or 11-107 (not included). It features lead-free pewter castings, photo-etched stainless steel and brass parts, a cast resin roof, pre-cut window glazing and Microscale decals. Fully illustrated instructions for assembly and painting make this one a pretty simple build. A lighting kit with instructions is also available separately on our website. The Kato power units can be found on Amazon. Search for-- Powered Motorized Chassis KATO 11-105

Grade: None (sorry, no, I'm not going to buy one of these and try to put it together)

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