Always Solutions / Shapeways (USA) Milwaukee Road Little Joe

Introduced: 2019

These locomotive kits are built by Shapeways (using 3D designs provided by "Always Solutions"). The shell is designed to accept Kato GG1 pantographs. The chassis is designed to accept the power train and wheels/geared axles from a Kato SD90 -

Here's what Mike from Always Solutions has to say about them -

This is an early version of the Milwaukee Road EF4 "Little Joe" (manufactured by General Electric). These units were originally delivered with fully functional cabs on both ends of the locomotive. This particular model captures elements of the earliest EP/EF4 models delivered, appropriate for Milwaulkee Road up through the early 60's, South Shore 800s up until 1983, as well as the five units operated in Brazil until 1999.

This new kit is a major upgrade over our earlier release - having been designed to get your Joe running with minimal effort. Order the accompanying chassis and you'll be able to drop in drivetrain components (worm gears, bearing blocks, driveshaft and motor) from any Kato SD90 locomotive. The wheels and gear towers from the SD90 will then drop into the Little Joe truck frames. Two options exist for providing power to the motor from the trucks. Pantograph mounts are spaced to fit Kato GG1 pantographs as drop-ins. We also have fixed pantographs available if you're having trouble getting your hands on GG1 pants. Lastly you'll need some spare 36" wheelsets (Intermountain preferred) for the pilot trucks. On a scale of one to five (one having no mechanical inclinations at all, and five being a model builder who isn't afraid of hacking and slicing a locomotive chassis), I'd rate this project as a low three for difficulty (maybe even a high two). An average modeler should have no problems building this kit.

Grade: None (sorry, no, I'm not gonna buy one of these and try to build it)

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