Aurora Rail Masters (Hong Kong) Plymouth WDT

Introduced: circa 1977

This "Rail Masters" WDT was part of a complete "Red Ball Express" layout/trainset marketed by Aurora toys and not directly associated with the Aurora "Postage Stamp Trains" line (as manufactured by Minitrix). It was also sold ala-carte.

So yeah, it's a toy. So I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time dissecting it's features, OK? Basically it was designed to run around a circle of track more or less reliably, and at the same time withstand a lot of abuse. But beyond that, it certainly doesn't have any business taking up space on a model railroad (and with those crazy couplers, I doubt it could anyway).

FWIW, apparantly some of these came with headlights and some didn't (as evidenced by my pictures above). My apologies to all of the anal-retentive collectors who now have to go out and track down two of these things.

The "layout" came with a battery-powered power pack, a molded plastic base, three freight cars and a caboose.

Grade: F

(Thanks to contributor "Mitchell" for the layout picture)

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