Lima (Italy) Plymouth MDT

Introduced: circa 1969

N-scale definitely needs a decent Plymouth switcher. Unfortunately, this ain't it. What we have here is a Lima "pancake" motor accompanied by a plastic chassis, four wheels, two axles, four wheel wipers, and a couple of weights. So, yeah, the very avatar of pancake-dom. And not surprisingly, it's almost completely useless.

Oh sure, maybe you have one that's aged well. Congratulations, you can probably run it around a simple circle of track (sans rolling stock) without a stall. But brother, it's my sad duty to report to you that that is about all you're ever going to get out of the thing...

Like most Limas, this particular model has had various importers over the years (AHM, PMI, and Model Power, to name three). Lima's entire line of North American models was discontinued circa 1992 when Lima was purchased by Rivarossi (although this particular model may have been retired well before that).

And from the "you can't make this stuff up" department, a Hong Kong outfit called "Champ of the Road" sold a non-operating die-cast knock-off of this model back circa the 1980's (in British Rail livery no less) -

Grade: D

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