Look Model (Japan) Brass Union Pacific Yard Slug

Introduced: 2010

I'm told that Look Model is/was a small "Mom & Pop" style operation (or maybe just "Pop") run out of Japan. As of this 2018 writing the Look Model website seems to have vanished, so perhaps Ken is no longer in business.

This model is actually a dummy (IE, no motor). However, it does have working lights and is available either straight DC or decoder-equipped. According to Look, the DC version has a switch for turning the light on and off. I've never owned one myself, but if it's anything like the Look Model locomotives that I have owned, the truck sideframes and fuel tank are going to be composed of fairly crude cast-resin.

If the road number (UPY913) is accurate for the model, it represents a prototype that started out its life as a T&P SW9 (built in 1951). So, I suppose it might be possible to power one using a Life-Like SW9 chassis (although that's just wild speculation on my part).

Grade: None

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