High Speed (China) EMD GP35 & 4-4-0 American

These dummy locomotives were released as promotional giveaways by Reader's Digest (dating back to the early 90's). I don't know if the GP35 is really a GP35, but that seems to be the concensus, so we'll go with that. Meanwhile, the Jupiter steamer is clearly a knock-off of Bachmann's venerable old 4-4-0. These locomotives have no motors, lousy details and fixed couplers. I'm not sure who they were intended for as they make neither good static nor operating models. Included here so that people are not caught unawares when encountering them for sale. Unscrupulous sellers have been known to forget to mention that they are dummy locos. Worth a couple of dollars tops.

Here's the Alaska RR version of the GP35 (with crappy caboose) -

Grade: None

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