Briggs Models (Canada) EMD SDL39

Introduced: 2018

This locomotive kit comes with 3D printed parts for the body, fuel tank, and larger details. The handrails and some of the finer parts are rendered in etched brass. Wire, a large weight, and window glass material are also included. The motor, drivetrain and trucks come from an Atlas C628/C630 (not included). Visit the Briggs Models website for more information or to purchase a kit.

Prototype -

These 6-axle diesel locomotives were built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division between March 1969 and November 1972. All 10 examples of this locomotive were built for the Milwaukee Road, who wanted a lightweight road-switcher to replace their fleet of aging Alco RSC-2s. The EMD SDL39 was essentially an experimental, lightweight version of the SD39 - employing the GP38's body and frame, but with the SD39's engine.

Grade: None (sorry, no, I'm not going to buy one of these and try to put it together)

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