Briggs Models (Canada) EMD GP38-2W

Introduced: 2022

This locomotive kit comes with 3D printed parts for the body and the pilots. The handrails and fine detail parts are rendered in etched brass. It is designed to mount on an Atlas GP38/40 or Life-Like GP38-2 chassis. Visit the Briggs Models website for more information or to purchase a kit.

Prototype -

The GP38-2W is a Canadian variant of the GP38-2. It is easily distinguished by its wide-nose Canadian comfort cab. 51 of these locomotives were produced for the Canadian National Railway during 1973–1974. Although a W is commonly suffixed to the name, it is actually an addition by enthusiasts to help specify the presence of a CN-spec comfort cab. No locomotives built using CN's design of comfort cab ever featured a W in their designation, as the presence of the cab did not mechanically alter the locomotive. This is reflected by the lack of the "W" in the model designation on the builders' plates of these units. There are snow shields above the inertial-filter central air intakes behind the cab; the electrical boxes and equipment blower behind the cab also differ in detail from a standard GP38-2. They are otherwise identical.

Grade: None (sorry, no, I'm not going to buy one of these and try to put it together)

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