Aspenmodel/Westmodel (Germany) Brass Logging Locomotives

20-Ton Climax B Type

15-Ton Climax A Type (Vertical Boiler)15-Ton Climax A Type (Horizontal Boiler)

Introduced: 2000

I've never owned any of these models. And given the fact that they cost a fortune new (and never show up on eBay), I doubt I'll ever own one. Anyway, what I do know about them is that they are manufactured by Westmodel (Germany) and imported into the US by Aspenmodel. Each model is available either ready-to-run or as a kit. As of this writing (2010) the RTR models cost well over $1000 (and with the kits costing about half that).

They come with Faulhaber coreless motors (equipped with a single flywheel). The inner axles are powered and the outer axles are not. The trucks are fixed (IE, they don't pivot). All three models share the same basic chassis/mechanism, although the Climax B does have an additional piston (also turned by the motor). I'm told that they are strong pullers and overall superb runners (particularly at very slow speeds).

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