Micro-Trains (USA) 40' PS-1 Box Car

These cars date back to the early days of N scale (late 60s / early 70s). Like most of Micro-Trains early freight cars, they were (for a time) available in kit form. Currently, they are sold individually as well as in 4-unit "runner packs". George Hollwedel (Prototype N Scale Models) made a couple of special runs of these cars in Santa Fe BX-57 and BX-52 paint.

One of the most successful freight car designs of all time, over 76,000 PS-1s were built by Pullman-Standard between 1947 and 1968.

This basic 40' PS-1 carbody is available in a bewildering variety of permutations -

- Double Door (pictured above)

- Plug & Sliding Door

- Plug Door (with or without roofwalk)

- Single Door (with or without roofwalk, Youngstown or Superior door)

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