N-Scale Freight Car Encyclopedia

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TypeImporter/VendorExporter/ManufacturerModel TypeDescription
1940Hopper-OpenAHMMehano (Yugoslavia)RTR - Plastic36' PS-3 2-Bay Hopper
1928Hopper-OpenAHMRoco (Austria)RTR - Plastic40' 70T Quad Hopper
1940Hopper-OpenAthearnAthearn (China)RTR - Plastic40' Wood Chip Hopper
1955Hopper-OpenAthearn/MDCAthearn/MDC (China)RTR - Plastic40' 3-Bay Offset Hopper
1955Hopper-OpenAthearn/MDCAthearn/MDC (China)RTR - Plastic40' 3-Bay Rib Side Hopper
1930Hopper-OpenAtlasAtlas (China)RTR - Plastic2-bay Offset Side Hopper
1963Hopper-OpenAtlasAtlas (China)RTR - Plastic45' 100T Hopper
1930Hopper-OpenAtlasAtlas (China)RTR - Plastic55T Fishbelly Hopper
1970Hopper-OpenAtlasAtlas (China)RTR - PlasticGreenville 100T 2-Bay Open Hopper
1954Hopper-OpenAtlasAtlas (China)RTR - PlasticPS-2750 Triple Hopper
1928Hopper-OpenAtlasRivarossi (Italy)RTR - Plastic40' 70T Quad Hopper
1940Hopper-OpenAtlasRoco (Austria)RTR - Plastic36' PS-3 2-Bay Open Hopper
1928Hopper-OpenBachmannBachmann (China)RTR - Plastic40' 70T Quad Hopper
1976Hopper-OpenBachmannBachmann (China)RTR - PlasticBethlehem Steel 100T 3-Bay Hopper
1918Hopper-OpenBachmannBachmann (China)RTR - PlasticUSRA 55T 2-Bay Hopper
1934Hopper-OpenBluford ShopsBluford Shops (China)RTR - Plastic33' 2-Bay Open Hoppers
1927Hopper-OpenBluford ShopsBluford Shops (China)RTR - Plastic70T 3-Bay Open Hopper
1918Hopper-OpenBluford ShopsBluford Shops (China)RTR - PlasticUSRA 30.5' 2-Bay Open Hopper
1957Hopper-OpenBluford ShopsBluford Shops (China)RTR - PlasticWood Chip Hopper
1904Hopper-OpenBowserBowser (USA)RTR - PlasticPRR GLa 2-Bay Hopper
1911Hopper-OpenBowserBowser (USA)RTR - PlasticPRR H-21a 4-Bay Hopper
1926Hopper-OpenBroadway LTD ImportsBroadway LTD Imports (China)RTR - PlasticARA 70T 4-Bay Hopper
1948Hopper-OpenBroadway LTD ImportsBroadway LTD Imports (China)RTR - PlasticN&W H2a Hopper
1917Hopper-OpenCon-CorCon-Cor (USA)RTR - Plastic40' 3-Bay Composite Hopper
1955Hopper-OpenCon-CorCon-Cor (USA)RTR - Plastic40' 3-Bay Open Hopper
1961Hopper-OpenCon-CorRoco (Austria)RTR - Plastic3-Bay Longitudinal Hopper
1940Hopper-OpenCon-CorRoco (Austria)RTR - Plastic36' PS-3 2-Bay Open Hopper
1928Hopper-OpenCon-CorRoco (Austria)RTR - Plastic40' 70T Quad Hopper
1963Hopper-OpenCon-CorSanda Kan (China)RTR - Plastic45' Rib-Side Hopper
1985Hopper-OpenEastern SeaboardAtlas (USA)RTR - Plastic45' 3-Bay Ribbed Hopper
1949Hopper-OpenEastern SeaboardModel Power (China)RTR - Plastic40' 70T Quad Hopper
1977Hopper-OpenEastern SeaboardRed Cab/Precision (USA/China)RTR - PlasticOrtner 54' 5-Bay Ribbed Hopper
1940Hopper-OpenEastern SeaboardRoco (Austria)RTR - Plastic36' PS-3 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper
1997Hopper-OpenExactRailExactRail (USA)RTR - PlasticJohnstown America AutoFlood II Hopper
1995Hopper-OpenFox ValleyFox Valley (China)RTR - PlasticTrinity RD-4 Coal Hopper
1963Hopper-OpenIndustrialSanda Kan (China)RTR - Plastic100T 3-Bay Hopper
1928Hopper-OpenJC TimmerRoco (Austria)RTR - Plastic40' 70T Quad Hopper
1928Hopper-OpenLife-LikeMehano (Yugoslavia)RTR - Plastic100T 4-Bay Hopper
1940Hopper-OpenLife-LikeMehano (Yugoslavia)RTR - Plastic36' PS-3 2-Bay Hopper
1963Hopper-OpenLife-LikeSanda Kan (China)RTR - Plastic100T 3-Bay Hopper
1917Hopper-OpenMD ShopsShapeways (USA)Kit - Plastic55T U-Channel Hopper
1940Hopper-OpenMRCMehano (Yugoslavia)RTR - Plastic36' PS-3 2-Bay Hopper
1920Hopper-OpenMRCRoco (Austria)RTR - Plastic40' 3-Bay Composite Hopper
1942Hopper-OpenMicro-TrainsMicro-Trains (USA)RTR - Plastic33' 2-Bay Composite Side Hopper
1930Hopper-OpenMicro-TrainsMicro-Trains (USA)RTR - Plastic33' 2-Bay Offset Hopper
1940Hopper-OpenMicro-TrainsMicro-Trains (USA)RTR - Plastic33' 2-Bay Rib Side Hopper
1933Hopper-OpenMicro-TrainsMicro-Trains (USA)RTR - Plastic33' Panel-Side 2-Bay Hopper
1963Hopper-OpenMicro-TrainsMicro-Trains (USA)RTR - Plastic40' 100T 3-Bay Open Hopper
1966Hopper-OpenMicro-TrainsMicro-Trains (USA)RTR - PlasticOrtner 3-Bay Rapid Discharge Hopper
1961Hopper-OpenMinitrix/Model PowerRoco (Austria)RTR - Plastic3-Bay Longitudinal Hopper
1928Hopper-OpenMinitrix/Model PowerRoco (Austria)RTR - Plastic40' 70T Quad Hopper
1920Hopper-OpenMinitrix/Model PowerRoco (Austria)RTR - PlasticOld Time Hopper
1940Hopper-OpenModel PowerMehano (Yugoslavia)RTR - Plastic36' PS-3 2-Bay Hopper
1928Hopper-OpenModel PowerModel Power (China)RTR - Plastic40' 70T Quad Hopper
1855Hopper-OpenPanamint ModelsShapeways (USA)Kit - PlasticCoal Jimmy
1928Hopper-OpenParkway IndustriesBachmann (China)RTR - Plastic40' 70T Quad Hopper
1961Hopper-OpenRed Caboose/PrecisionRed Cab/Precision (USA/China)RTR - PlasticOrtner 5-Bay Rapid Discharge Hopper
1904Hopper-OpenRevell/WalthersArnold-Rapido (Germany)RTR - Plastic40' 2-Bay Open Hopper
1974Hopper-OpenTangent Scale ModelsTangent Scale Models (China)RTR - PlasticBethlehem Steel 3600 Quad Hopper
1968Hopper-OpenTrainworxTrainworx (USA/China)RTR - Plastic100T Quad Hopper
1940Hopper-OpenWalthersRoco (Austria)RTR - Plastic36' PS-3 2-Bay Open Hopper
1928Hopper-OpenWalthersRoco (Austria)RTR - Plastic40' 70T Quad Hopper
1970Hopper-OpenWalthersWalthers (China)RTR - PlasticGreenville 100T 2-Bay Open Hopper

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