Delaware Valley / Bowser (USA) ACF 50' Cylindrical Covered Hoppers

These models were originally manufactured by Delaware Valley. Bowser subsequently bought them out and released them under their own label. As pictured above, they are available in either 3-bay or 6-bay configurations. Starting in 1994, Eastern Seaboard Models also sold these cars. ESMC's models cover a variety of prototypical paint schemes from 1961 through the present. These cars ride on roller-bearing trucks and have either Rapido or Micro-Trains® compatable knuckle couplers.

Introduced in 1961 by ACF® to haul sand, clay, salt, grain and bulk plastics, this cylindrical hopper was the first commercially successful tank-type covered hopper car design.

Features -

- Plastic Body with Trucks and Couplers
- Ready To Run

Micro Trains® truck and coupler conversions -

- Cylindrical Hopper Complete Truck #1035
- Cylindrical Hopper Body Mount Coupler #1023

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