N Scale Brass Locomotives For Sale - Last Updated 04/19/13

Gathering accurate information about brass locomotives for my N Scale Locomotive Encyclopedia requires that I actually purchase and test out said locomotives. However, not being Bill Gates, I also need to turn around and sell said locomotives (and not take a financial bath in the process).

So, what I will be offering here are the brass locomotives that I've purchased off of eBay (or wherever). What I will be asking for them is exactly what I paid for them. What I will give you is a totally honest, unspun description of said models- IE, absolutely no surprises. Further, should you purchase one of my brass locos and be unhappy with it for any reason, I will (upon return of said loco) refund your money - no questions asked.

I will ship worldwide. Shipping anywhere covered by UPS (IE, the USA) will be free. Shipping overseas will be a flat $20. For payment, I will require a cashier's check, a money order, or money transfer via PayPal (and PayPal only for non-USA buyers).

So, that's the deal. Bookmark this page if you're interested in honest brass with no surprises. Unlike eBay, you won't get shilled or otherwise screwed here.

At this point I've sold quite a few of these brass models (and with nary a complaint). So, the system seems to be working so far

I have no brass locomotives for sale at this time, please check back later

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